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Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Instrumentation



Zespół Symulacji Komputerowych Układów Biologicznych


Group of Computer Simulations of Biomedical Systems


Head of the Group

dr hab. Krystian Kubica

+48 71 320 3974

e-mail: krystian.kubica @pwr.wroc.pl

Group members


Research activity


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Group members


o        - Head of the Group

o        Ph.D. Krystian Kubica, e-mail: krystian.kubica@pwr.wroc.pl


Ph.D. students

Grzegorz Cieślik M. Sc. Eng. e-mail: Grzegorz.Cieslik@pwr.wroc.pl
Hanna Misiak M. Sc. Eng. e-mail: Hanna.Misiak@pwr.wroc.pl
Sylwia Wiśniewska M. Sc.  e-mail: Sylwia.Wisniewska@pwr.wroc.pl
Artur Wrona M. Sc. Eng. e-mail: Artur.Wrona@pwr.wroc.pl


Research Activity

Biophysics of biological membranes.

Membrane properties modeling by computer simulation technique (gel-fluid phase transition, appearance of ripple phase, membrane permeability).

Study the interaction between biologically active compounds and membranes (anionic and cationic amphiphilic compounds) and the influence of molecular probes on membrane

Modeling of peristaltic contractions of segments of intestine.

Modeling the influence of lipid oxidation, role of antioxidants on membrane electroporation.

Modeling and simulation of biological systems; Modeling and simulation of trabecular bone.

National and international cooperation



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